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While we like to help our clients restore ALL types of items, we have found an increasing need for digital restoration services. Digital photograph restoration brings your old or damaged photos back to life. Whether the photograph is torn, scratched, water damaged, faded, discolored, etc., our team of experts can digitally repair it for you. Using a variety of digital editing techniques, we restore your family treasures.

Here's just a few projects we've restored...
Water loss - This picture was stuck to the glass after water damage. It stripped the photo detail and created ripples toward the edge.
Fire loss - This piece was stained and browned by fire.
Water loss and more - This was an old photo with age, staining, fading, debris and water damage. Some of the photo finish was compromised but successfully restored digitally.
Colorization - Not every piece starts as a loss! The wear and tear of the original photo was restored in addition to colorization.

Types of Damages

Water Damage can cause tidelines and discoloration, along the edges of exposure. Common forms of water damage are stains, bleeding ink, and mold growth.

Fire Damage can complete destroy items. However, when items are recoverable, smoke and heat damage become the issue. Smoke typically stains and discolors items.

Vandalism Damage involves a wide range of damages including rips, punctures, scrapes and broken frames. If it's not a total loss, our experts can rebuild your vandalized piece to its pre-loss condition.

What Clients Say

“Thank you for the excellent service and over the top quality workmanship for the conservation of our damaged items. I appreciate your timely response and I am 100% pleased with the results and service.“

- Alice Lopez | Vandalism Damage
“ART came in at our darkest time and miraculously cleaned and repaired all of our beautiful artwork we thought had been lost to the fire.“

- Mahjabeen Islam | Fire Damage
“I cannot thank Art Recovery Technologies enough and I am sincerely grateful the legacy of my father’s art can be enjoyed by future family generation as he had intended.“

- Wayne Waffen | Fire & Smoke Damage

Custom Framing & Matting

Art Recovery Technologies offers custom framing services for photographs and artwork of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking to frame your digitally restored photograph or want to modernize an existing framed piece, contact us to get a quote.
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For over 25 years we have given each work of art our “white-glove” treatment. We pride ourselves on our expert staff and the client experience.
We are local to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and the surrounding areas. We handle your items with speed and the utmost care. We are fully insured to mitigate risk.
We stand behind the work we perform by providing a one-year warranty on most restored and repaired artwork.

In addition to photographs, we can also restore:

and more!

Let us give your memories new life.
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